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The following is the process to use the iLab facilities:

  1. Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of use for iLab.Set up an iLab account with your personal password and billing information (later).
  2. Build your project using the iLab Server or your own computer. The iLab is compatible with two 3D CAD programs so far: AutoDesk Inventor and SolidWorks.  You can use them on the iLab Server directly without installing these software. The iLab Server access method one: Open Internet Explorer and click this link to go to the  iLab RDS (Remote Desktop Services) Server. Note that this method only supports Internet Explorer, not other web browsers. The iLab Server access method two: Use Remote Desktop Connectiopn Program (RDP).  RDP works well on PC or Mac, even iPad. Both above methods need an iLab User account. Contact us to get an account. (More instructions of RDS/RDP to come ...). If you choose to work on your own computer, you can download the 3D design software for use on a UT student or faculty personal computer (Inventor,SolidWorks).
  3. When your design is complete and ready for fabrication, submit the STL file for processing, cost estimating, scheduling and estimated pickup time.  After the cost and delivery estimate is provided, you must approve the final part fabrication and are thereby accepting responsibility for its cost.
  4. You will be notified of the day and time via email that your part should be available in room 301 of East Stadium Hall.  Most small parts (<6in^3) are available within 24 hours.  Large parts may require 72 hours to schedule and fabricate.

Costs will be estimated before the final submission of the project is performed and must then be approved by the student/faculty prior to submission for building.

  1. Students in sponsoring classes (EF 151, ME/IE 457 and capstones) will be given an access passcode for specific project usage.
  2. Faculty with research needs can obtain a usage code that directly bills usage to active UT research contract numbers.
  3. If a student or faculty desires to use the iLab facility for personal projects, one can pay cash or check.