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The UT iLab is a user facility available for the use and benefit of College of Engineering faculty and students.  By agreeing with these terms and conditions, I submit that I am a bona fide UTK student or faculty member. A valid and verifiable UTK email address must be on file with iLab for communications of part availability, costs and access.  This will be required for the creation of a user name and password.  I will be personally responsible for this username/password and any usage fees that arise for this username.

I understand that the iLab contains delicate and expensive equipment that I will access indirectly via submission of my projects through the iLab website.  I will not directly access the rapid prototyping machines as this will be done by the iLab operations personnel including scheduling and operation.  Under no circumstances will I access, operate, clean, maintain or load any of the rapid prototyping equipment in the iLab.  If I choose to watch a fabrication in progress, it will be done dawning appropriate safety glasses and with one of the iLab operations personnel present during iLab open hours.

I understand that any design software that I access and use from the iLab web site is for my personal use only as a student or faculty of the University of Tennessee and its use is governed by site licenses that restrict its use to this community.

I understand that material costs associated with rapid prototyping can be significant (~$10 per cubic inch) and that I will be required to approve each design’s prototyping costs prior to having the part built.  Such approval will constitute an agreement to pay for the part after it is successfully made.

I understand that the iLab has priority usage for assigned student projects, but that it is available as a fee for use facility for other inventive activities of UTK students and faculty.  These additional uses will be scheduled when equipment is not in use for curricular-based and university research projects.